Amazonian Golden Berry Coloring Mud

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Amazonian Golden Berry
The selected Amazonian Golden Berry blends perfectly with brunettes and brown tones. From deep within the Amazon Rainforest Taya Beauty presents a revolutionary, easy-to-use, fast-drying, and easy-to-control color depositing Mud that helps to cover your gray roots by infusing the hair cuticle with non-damaging color pigments.

Each Taya Coloring Mud contains the purified pigment and anti-oxidant properties of the selected Amazonian Berry, which contains fatty acids, proteins and mineral content to help support effective color depositing and retention. This amazing, rich, Coloring Mud helps extend the time between color treatments keeping your hair looking salon fresh. Its clay-like consistency helps creates lift and extra density to the root area, and even helps thinning areas look fuller. Taya’s Coloring Mud are water resistant, won’t rub off easily, and will stay in place through exercise, perspiration, and even swimming.

You don’t need an exact color match. Simply select the shade closest to your hair color. Using the applicator brush, apply on dry hair to your most visible new growth at your hairline, part and temple areas, and blend to desired color. Control the depth of color by how much of the Coloring Mud you brush on, similar to applying eye lash mascara. The more you apply the darker the effect. Let dry for a few minutes, brush or comb through, and style hair as desired for a more blended and natural effect.Simply wash out with your next shampoo.