No More Sticky, Crunchy, or Stiff Hair!

No More Sticky, Crunchy, or Stiff Hair!

Feb 23rd 2018

About 10 years ago or so, we - as beauty product ambassadors and users - started to realize that industrial-strength hairspray leave your hair feeling crunch, stiff and full of white flakes. Thankfully, we now live by the 'strong-hold-lightweight-finish' adage!

Want a hairspray that smells amazing and can hold your style all day? Some even say it makes their hair look better the next day too :) Try our Copaiba Resin Air Volumizer Dry Styling Hair Spray!

Formulated with Copaiba Resin, this powerful, but weightless ultra-fine dry styling hair spray, provides a superior distribution, which helps deliver the right amount of firm yet flexible, movable hold. The product bonds to the hair creating overall volume, lift and fullness in flat, fine, lifeless hair, and transforming it into its fullest and most voluminous condition. 

And to top it off, this product’s recipe also contains Yerba Mate, an extract super-rich in vitamins and amino acids, and Raw Coconut Oil, which makes this formula perfect to help revitalize, condition, and stimulate hair’s natural volume. 

Look good, feel good!