Sexy & Sleek: Tricks for Dirty Hair

Sexy & Sleek: Tricks for Dirty Hair

Feb 14th 2018

It’s Saturday night and my girlfriend wants to go out, but it's been a week since I last washed my hair so I'm being a little hesitant….

I always feel best when my hair is relatively clean and styled, rather than in a scrunchy, in a bun on the top of my head. However, I did just learn a new trick that's perfect for summer and I am a bit obsessed- and it's how to get that movie star super sleek straight high ponytail!

The products needed to get this look are: The Taya Kinwa Grain Instant Styler-- this is a super versatile 5-in-1 styling spray that can replace 5 other styling products: It replaces your mouse, your gel, your styling spray, your hairspray and your shine spray, a fine tooth comb or round smoothing brush, and an extra-long pony tail extension (this can be purchased online for only about 20 dollars).

Now, take the Taya Instant Styler and spray it all over your head, and then massage it into your scalp. Next, take the round brush or fine toothed comb and comb your hair back into a loose pony tail. Apply a little more of the Instant Styler all over your scalp again and smooth your hair back toward the base of your head and pull your hair into a super high ponytail. Next, take the ponytail extension and clip is right at the base of your ponytail. The hair should fall right over your natural hair and will usually make your natural hair impossible to see! So, NO need to worry about your hair being kinky, or dirty, or not “going out ready.” Wear this style with a backless top and you have an extra sexy summer look.