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Memorial Day Weekend: Pool Hopping Hair

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Memorial Day is here and that means pool parties and BBQs galore. I used to have to sit out on the fun and games because I didn’t want to get my hair wet because I knew it would dry all funky and be all tangled from the chlorine. My friend, however gave me a great trick to avoid that! So, in preparation for your Memorial Day Pool Party, before leaving the house, take Taya’s Buriti Nut Intensive Repair Mask, which smells fantastic, and massage it through the ends of your hair. This way, when you get your hair wet from the pool, it will be silky smooth and not tangle up. This allows you to have that amazing, sexy wet hair look rather than a matted and tangled hair mess. The conditioner will also protect your hair from the chlorine and potential sun damage.

Once you get out of the pool, either put a hat on and let your hair go natural, or put it in a sexy high braid like Blake Lively. It’s the perfect post pool hair style!

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