Kinwa Grain Waves & Curls

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6.0 fl oz / 177 mL

With Guarana seeds, carbohydrates, starch and proteins

Taya’s Kinwa Grain Waves & Curls contains pure Kinwa Grain, an ancient grain grown in the Andes Mountains of South America, and Guarana Seeds, a starch-rich berry indigenous to the Amazonian rainforest. This light-weight mist inundates the hair with its unique recipe of super-rich carbohydrates and starchy fiber, which helps create luscious waves on flat hair, and reactivate and define curls that are dry, frizzy, over-processed and lifeless. It also contains essential amino acids, phosphorous and magnesium, and helps provide strength, support, elasticity and control making hair more flexible and pliable so that your waves & curls are created easily and maintained effortlessly.

Key Ingredients


  • Kinwa Grain

How to use Kinwa Grain Waves & Curls

Hold nozzle 10” to 12” away from hair and spray evenly throughout hair. Blow dry with a round brush to create luscious waves, or use a diffuser and scrunch hair with your fingers using an upward motion to create and define curls. Can be used on wet or dry hair. Perfect to use before setting rollers or before using curling irons.