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Return to the Source of Life

About Taya

Taya is the spirit and promise of the rainforest, the rare power to beautify... Taya is our source of life, spirit, and replenishment.


Unprocessed, raw, natural... Taya is made with the finest super-botanicals of the rainforest like Cupuaçu Oil, the Durabundi Nut, the Annato Plant, Buriti Oil, and the Brazilian Açai Berry which have provided for the enrichment and regeneration of its indigenous peoples' body and spirit since the beginning.

These timeless traditions and their intimate connectedness to the rainforest, the earth, the sky, the river, and to the forest itself are the extraordinary hair and body products of Taya.

Meaning "I am" in the Wayuu dialect, and symbolizing the timeless relationship between ourselves and the rainforest, Taya products embodies those unique combinations of the rainforest's botanical treasures that have been passed down from mother to daughter...for untold generations.




Taya Sustainability

Returning the gift

All Taya products are formulated free of sulfates, parabens, animal products, and animal testing. Taya is 100% vegan friendly.

All indigenous rainforest botanical ingredients are sourced through environmentally sustainable programs which are free of toxic and agrochemical agents, or genetically modified elements, and where the local communities directly benefit from their harvests and conservation efforts.