Moisture Madness Shine Boosting Mist


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Moisture Madness Shine Boosting Mist is a light-weight mist that instantly provides shine, gloss, and hydration. Formulated with pure Sunflower Ceramides and Babaçu Palm Oil, this intensive shine treatment spray provides like a natural glow to your hair.

The Babaçu seed oil contains 72% lipids, and it is super high in omega 6 and 9. Babaçu oil acts as an emollient restoring the natural oils of the hair, making it perfect to help control frizz and sealing the hair cuticles. It also contains Sunflower ceramides.

We all know the benefits of Ceramides on dry skin. We are now taking these benefits and putting them to work in your hair for exceptional shine. Ceramides are a major component of the hair’s structure. Ceramides hold onto water molecules, helping to attract and retain moisture. When Ceramides levels are low, our hair has difficulty retaining moisture.

Moisture Madness delivers amazing shine, while performing a “barrier function” to improve moisture retention, locking-in shine and moisture for long-lasting freeze free hydration.