GUARANÁ, Active Stimulating Scalp Serum

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2 oz

A concentrated therapeutic scalp serum empowered with Guarana Seed extract and other active botanical ingredients, to help stimulate the scalp and promote healthier, denser, fuller looking hair.

This serum containing GuaranáSeed, a super effective stimulant and a natural source of energy, is applied directly to the scalp where it absorbs quickly to help energize hair follicles to promote, healthy, revitalized and recharged looking hair, so that it looks and feels stronger, denser, fatter and full of life.

Perfect for anyone who wants a healthier scalp, and denser, healthier, more lustrous looking hair.

In a study on 61 people after 12 weeks of use, there was on average, an improvement on hair loss by up to 561%

In a study on 61 people after 12 weeks of use, the product demonstrated on average:

• 170% improvement in the appearance of HAIR VOLUME

• 35% improvement in the appearance of HAIR THICKNESS

168% improvement in the appearance of SHINE

• 90% improvement in the appearance of SOFTNESS

In a Consumer Perception Study of 61 people, after 12 weeks

100% of participants saw an improvement of the HEALTH OF THE HAIR

100% demonstrated an improvement in the APPEARANCE OF VOLUME

83% of participants agreed their HAIR APPEARED THICKER

Directions:  At night (30 minutes before bed), apply 3-5 drops directly to affected areas and gently massage into the scalp for 1-2 minutes. For best results, use in conjunction with Taya GUARANÁ Active Stimulating Cleanser & Conditioner.

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