Kinwa Grain Instant Finger Styler

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The Kinwa Grain Finger Styler contains pure Kinwa Grain, an ancient grain grown in the Andes Mountains of South America. The indigenous communities held this grain to be sacred and referred to it a “mother of all grains”, given its great nutritional value, as its carbohydrates and protein content are very high, which is extraordinary among plant foods.

It is complete nutrition for your hair, just like Kinwa is great nutrition for the Indigenous people. Like any great, nutritious food, it is immediately absorbed into your hair cuticle system, providing tremendous body, density, elasticity, flexibility, and styling capabilities.  

Our light weight formula therefore inundates the hair with super-rich carbohydrates as well as fiber and proteins. And it is this unique combination of carbohydrates and proteins that makes this recipe superior to create instant texture, dimension, definition and style.

Kinwa Grain also contains essential amino acids, phosphorous and magnesium, and helps provide strength, support, elasticity and control making hair more flexible and pliable so the hair styles easily and effortlessly, JUST BY USING YOUR FINGERS!


Kinwa Grain Finger Styler is designed to help you style your hair instantly and effortlessly. It is a multi-tasker- 5 in 1 product-that replaces these 5 products:



-styling cream,


-shine pomade

This humidity resistant, light-weight styler has incredible style memory and can be used over and over without leaving build-up or residue in your hair.

This is a multi-styler that can be used after the shower when hair wet and then styled, or as a texturizer on dry hair that creates beautiful texture and volume.

DIRECTIONS: Place a small amount in palm of hands and rub between hands and fingers. Massage well into towel-dry hair and roots.  Use fingers to style, shape, and scrunch as desired. Re-apply as necessary on dry hair for added texture and definition. 



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