Copaiba Resin Dry Volumizer


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Copaiba Resin Advanced Blend Dry Volumizer is a powerful, dry styling treatment that invisibly bonds to the hair cuticle creating overall body and lift in flat, limp, sagging hair. It conditions the hair fiber while delivering a long lasting flexible hold, that provides volume and bounce, and transforms the hair into its fullest and most voluminous condition.

This unique recipe combines Copaiba Resin, a powerful natural occurring binding sap that bonds to the hair creating overall volume, body and lift, and a long-lasting, flexible and moveable hold, with Brazilian Green Clay, a powerful detoxifying clay with the inherent ability to absorb toxins on each hair cuticle, and thus immediately reverse the weighing down of the hair caused by these impurities.

Directions: Place a small amount of product in palm and rub between hands and fingers. Massage well into towel dried hair and blow dry or finger style, shape, or scrunch hair as desired. Re-apply as necessary on dry hair for added volume, fullness, and texture.