Mission & Values

One of the intrinsic values of the indigenous communities in the Amazon Rainforest is their desire to share, to give back.

Taya was born out of this desire of sharing the goodness and richness of the Amazon Rainforest with the rest of the world. And this is our mission, while making sure that we preserve the natural resources and maintain the region’s biodiversity.

Another crucial value is the power of generations. Taya's beauty recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. We believe strongly in family and traditions.

Our mission is sharing amazing, unique and responsibly sustainable beauty recipes. Our products deliver honest, visible results, while making a difference in the way that we look and feel-and that also make a difference in the world.

Beauty recipes that help us look and feel our very best, without changing who we are.

Beauty recipes that use powerful ingredients, that deliver extraordinary results, that empower us, and empower the Amazonian communities who source them through sustainable programs.

TAYA means I am in the language of the indigenous in the Amazon.

I am one with Mother Nature

WAYA means we are. We are all one community, one family

And TOGETHER, we are ALL one community, one family. 



All indigenous rainforest botanical ingredients are sourced through environmentally sustainable programs which are free of toxic and agrochemical agents, and genetically modified elements, and where the local communities directly benefit from harvests and conservation efforts.

With your purchase, you are benefiting hundreds of families in numerous communities throughout the Rainforest who harvest and supply Taya’s raw ingredients through a system of collaborative regional management, while at the same time preserving the region’s native, natural resources in a sustainable manner.