The extraordinary bio-diversity of the Amazon Rainforest has produced an amazing variety of rich, mineral and vitamin-laden, organic ingredients and clays which have been used by the indigenous people of the Rainforest since antiquity. Taya, through selective and sustainable production processes, harvests these botanicals, plants and clays in a manner where the region’s bio-diversity is respected and maintained.

Amazon White Clay

The Amazon White Clay is a natural clay rich in mineral salts and nutrients such as iron, potassium, and calcium, and is found along the banks of the Amazon River where it is inundated with organic and botanical materials which it absorbs, creating an intensely nourishing clay.

These micro particles of Amazon White Clay invisibly adhere to the hair increasing the diameter of each hair strand and creating an immediate feeling of thicker fuller hair.

Used in Taya’s Amazon White Clay Advanced Thickening Blend Collection.

Brazilian Black Clay

Used for generations by the indigenous communities of the rainforest for its diverse benefits, Brazilian Black Clay is exceptionally rich in bio-available essential minerals, and acquires its black color thanks to its high concentration of Titanium, Iron and Copper. Its rich composition of mineral salts and other essential elements makes this clay highly beneficial for hair’s inner core strength and elasticity, and to reinforce the hair cuticle, to enhance fiber integrity, and to revitalize and resurface weak, fragile, delicate, tired, brittle hair.

Used in Taya’s Inner Core Hair Strong Anti-Breakage Collection.


Brazilian Green Clay

This unique clay has an extraordinarily high concentration of Calcium Montmorillonite Clay, which has been used by indigenous cultures and healers for centuries as an internal and external healing agent. Also known as “living clay” due to its high concentration of organic plant matter which gives it its green coloration.

The indigenous would use this mineral-rich clay on open wounds and for stomach or intestinal distress, and the use of Calcium Montmorillonite Clay for the health care of humans and animals is an accepted practice throughout the world.

A recognized detoxifying agent, this green clay has the ability to absorb toxins. When used on hair, it absorbs oils and toxins on the cuticle surface which weigh the hair down. Thus freed of these toxins, the hair strand immediately regains its natural volume and body, and when coupled with the Copaiba Resin, the hair assumes its most voluminous and fullest state.

Used in Taya’s Copaiba Resin Advanced Volumizing Blend Collection.


Acacia Collagen

Acacia Collagen is a plant-derived substitute for animal collagen obtained from Acacia seyal. Acacia Collagen has plumping and moisture retaining properties, as well as a protective film forming, nutritive astringent. Acacia Collagen is used in a wide range of cosmetic formulations, including anti-aging, skin care, and sun care due to its ability to plump and improve the moisture content of the skin. It is ideal for fine, depleted, lifeless or ageing hair and helps to plump and adds body, richness and thickness to fine, lifeless hair.

Used in Taya’s Acacia Collagen Plumping Collection.


Buriti Nut

The Buriti Nut derives from a palm tree which the indigenous people called the “Tree of Life”, as every part of the tree can be used, and it is central to their daily lives. Buriti Nut Oil is a super-rich source of fatty acids, beta carotene and pro-vitamin A, which helps create a natural shield that protects hair from sun, heat, water loss, and styling tools like blow driers and heat irons. Buriti Nut Oil has natural lipids that mimic the lipids found on healthy hair, so your hair recognizes them and absorbs them, unlike synthetic or mineral oils that simply seat on the surface of the hair making it heavy and greasy. Thus, Buriti Nut oil penetrates deep in the cuticle of the hair and instantly repair, hydrate and transform the condition of anyone’s hair, especially hair which is damaged, dry, color-treated, chemically-treated, frizzy, over-processed, lifeless or weakened. Or just out-of-control.

Used in Taya's Buriti Nut Intensive Repair Collection.


Copaiba Resin 

Copaiba Resin, is a powerful natural occurring resin that leaks from the trunk and the bark of the Copaiba Tree, an ancient tropical tree that grows in the fertile soils of the Amazonian Rainforest, and has been traditionally used as healing and anti-inflammatory agents. The resin bonds to the hair creating overall volume, body and lift, providing a long-lasting, flexible and moveable hold. Revitalizes, replenished and restores the hairs natural volume and body.

Used in Taya's Copaiba Resin Advanced Volumizing Collection.


Kinwa Grain

Kinwa Grain is an ancient grain grown in the Andes Mountains of South America. The indigenous communities held this grain to be sacred and referred to it a “mother of all grains”, given its great nutritional value, as it has the perfect balance between carbohydrates, protein and fibers. The Kinwa Grain is complete nutrition for your hair: It is immediately absorbed into your hair cuticle system providing it tremendous body, density, elasticity and flexibility, making hair more playable and easy to style.

Used in Taya's Kinwa Grain Collection.


Raw Coconut

Coconut Water is a natural source of essential minerals, vitamins and electrolytes, like sodium and potassium, which work at the cuticle layer to help repair hair’s natural moisture barrier, and to help restore hair’s natural volume.

Coconut milk contains calcium, proteins and vitamins that penetrate the hair cuticle, nurturing the hair, and transforming its condition from the inside out, while helping restore moisture, strength, elasticity, softness and silkiness to all hair types, but especially dry, damaged, depleted, lifeless, dull, chemically-treated hair.

Used in Taya's Coco-Water Hydrating-Volume Collection & Coco-Milk Hair Nourishing Collection.



Bamboo has many wonderful benefits when it comes to beauty and haircare. Raw Bamboo is rich in silica, a mineral that strengthens, stimulates, cleanses, and exfoliates. This mineral also has a strong ability to retain moisture, making hair strands less brittle. When used in shampoos and styling products, bamboo allows hair to become more manageable, shinier, softer, and stronger.

Used in Taya's Bamboo Body & Bounce Collection.


Guaraná Seed

A super effective stimulant and natural source of energy, helps to stimulate the hair follicle to promote, healthy, revitalized and recharged looking hair, so that it looks and feels stronger, denser, fatter and full of life.

Used in Taya's Guaraná Active Stimulating Collection.