BAMBOO BODY & BOUNCE Body Building Liquid- Balm


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BAMBOO BODY & BOUNCE, Body Building Liquid-Balm is an innovative, fast-drying, crème-to-liquid formula that instantly bonds to the hair providing bouncy volume, lift, dimension, texture and support to your hair. Infused with raw bamboo fibers, this unique recipe provides elasticity and maximizes your hair’s body and substance, providing a long-lasting flexible hold that helps create natural, movable, healthy looking styles.

Directions: Place a small amount of product in your palm and rub between your hands and fingers. Massage well into towel-dry hair and roots before blow drying for amazing body and fullness. For additional texture and volume, re-apply after blow drying on dry hair, working the product through your hair, scrunching and styling hair with your fingers. Perfect to use the morning after as an instant re-styler.